If you’re looking for a way to retain clients at your beauty salon, you should be implementing a rewards and loyalty program! Salon management software makes this easy to do, and there are several options available to salon owners. Here are just a few examples for you to consider.

1. Cash Discounts for Booking Milestones

With salon management software, you can track all kinds of client data, like how many times they’ve visited your salon. You should be using this data to grow your business while keeping your clients satisfied. Consider rewarding your clients with cash discounts for different booking milestones. For example, you can give a client 20% off their next haircut after every five bookings. With this rewards program, clients look forward to their next reward and feel like they’re saving money while they spend.

2. Birthday Rewards

With salon management software, you can also keep track of birthdays and email addresses. This allows you to send clients an email on their birthday, offering a discounted haircut or other service. If you client has been putting off getting a haircut, this can motivate them to come to your salon sooner. This is a promotion that doesn’t require multiple visits, so it’s something your clients can utilize immediately.

3. Get 10 haircuts and get a free hair product

Most salon owners have hair products available for purchase. This is a great way to upsell, but you probably aren’t moving as much product as you would like. You can kill two birds with one stone by giving your client a free hair product after 10 haircuts.

Your clients will love the free gifts, they’ll have a reason to keep coming back to your salon, and you can keep your inventory from collecting dust.

4. Points for 5-star reviews

By creating a google business listing you can connect with potential clients, and it’s how most potential clients will find your salon. Unfortunately, it only takes an unreasonable customer or two to abuse the system and trash your business with a negative review. It doesn’t matter how good your services are, because there will always be a customer (or competitor with a fake account) who will leave you a negative review at one point or another.

So it’s crucial that you have lots of 5-star reviews on Google to promote your salon and offset any negativity in your web presence. But don’t just sit around hoping that your clients will leave you a good review. Actively encourage them to leave a 5-star review by rewarding them with points toward a discount. You can have a sign visible to your clients to advertise this promotion, or you can simply remind them at the end of their visit while they’re paying.

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5. Gift Vouchers for Client Referrals

You can also consider rewarding your clients for referrals with gift vouchers. This will keep your clients loyal to your salon while acting as your unofficial brand ambassadors!

Some of the best clients you’ll ever receive will be through word of mouth, because the referral will personally know your client and be able to see the quality of your work first-hand. You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising like the other salons, where results are not guaranteed. Or you can let your clients do the heavy lifting, and only reward them once they actually get a new client in your chair. Giving your clients gift vouchers in exchange for referrals provides instant gratification and makes them feel like you’re giving them free money. You still need to provide them with a discounted service later on, but this is cheaper than paying someone else for the chance of new clients that may never materialize.

Start a Rewards & Loyalty Program Today!

Whichever loyalty program you choose, our easy-to-use software at Gulf Management Systems provides you with all the tools you need to track the effectiveness of your promotion. You can also use our software to accept payments, apply discounts, book appointments online, and more.

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