Save Time & Money by Accepting ACH Payments

ACH Payments or Automated Clearing House is one of the largest, safest, and most reliable type of payment collection forms. In fact, in 2019 ACH moved more than 24.7 billion electronic payments. Setting up ACH payments is a simple process that just involves you collecting your client's banking data - accounting and routing number.

Accepting ACH transactions will help you to reduce the costs of heavy processing fees by as much as 75% compared to credit card fees.  In addition to lower fees, you will find that accepting ACH transactions will help to reduce your time spent chasing down expired or declined credit cards. For those reasons, ACH has about a 10% greater success rate than credit cards. Therefore, by accepting ACH transactions you can maximize your collection rates, reduce processing fees, and help to increase your bottom line for your business.

  • Accept one-time or recurring ACH transactions
  • Reduce your processing costs by as much as 75% or more
  • Get notified of any returns and set up automatic retrys
  • Use our GMS client portal, ACH gateway, or software integrations
  • Increase your collection rates by as much as 10-15%
ACH Processing

"Our business is able to process checking/saving account EFTs with ease."

Dipen D, Owner

"Collecting money with ACH is the most cost effective solution. It is easy to setup and get paid. Works every time. Fairly easy to reconcile from the reports."
Robert C, Programmer

"GMS has first-class technology and expertise, but what really sets them apart is that they put their hearts in everything they do. To us, they’re much more than a vendor, they’re part of the family."

Shannon, Academy Prep Center of St Pete