Process Electronically With The GMS Virtual Terminal

Take your business to the next level with the GMS Virtual Terminal. Gulf Management Systems makes it easy to accept ACH, debit, and credit card payments. Easily manage all your electronic payments in one place while offering your customers several different payment options.

Manage Your Electronic Payments

Membership and subscription services require monthly payments to keep the account active. Unfortunately, it's challenging to make contact with those members who forgot to make their payment. Our software makes it easy to collect recurring payments as well as check for holds and cancellations. Simply enter the payment information into the terminal, and let GMS do the rest. Use the terminal to set up monthly, weekly, or even bi-weekly billing using the automatic payment options.

Furthermore, the terminal securely stores payment data and provides a safe way for merchants to manage, edit, and analyze client data. Additionally, it's easy to update credit card numbers, edit expiration dates, and manage payment data. Easily view and print any daily or monthly reports so that you can track any declined or returned payments.

The Virtual Terminal Is PCI Compliant

Any business accepting credit card data must be PCI Compliant. PCI rules govern how a business will store and manage sensitive cardholder data. PCI certification is an expensive and time consuming process. It can take months to complete and consume many hours of employee time. GMS is level 1 PCI certified, which means all our software, including the virtual terminal is PCI compliant. Using our terminal means there's no need for our customers to be certified, since we store all the data on our servers.

Customer Service And Support

In need of assistance? GMS is always just a phone call away. We are fully staffed with experienced payment consultants as well as friendly customer service technicians. We're here to answer any questions you may have regarding authorization forms, merchant statements, or returns. In addition we can help with setting up payments and managing data.

Here Are Some Things You Can Do

  • Accept E-check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, or Amex
  • Set up one-time or recurring member billing
  • Track your daily payments and view, print, or export reports
  • Get notified of any failed payment or returns
  • Guaranteed lowest merchant rates in the industry
  • Assure that your business is PCI compliant
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