GMS now offers new digital hand sanitizer kiosks for retail businesses in the United States. The turnkey hardware/software is the perfect addition for any business owner that may be looking for a safe, effective sanitizing solution to ensure that their customers and guests remain as safe as possible. With the new kiosk software, business owners will now have both a short-term and long-term solution to help adhere to the new covid-19 safety guidelines while keeping their retail space clean. The digital sanitizer kiosk also comes with an optional thermal temperature scanner so that you can now increase safety, awareness, and social responsibility by identifying individuals who may be at risk due to increased body temperature.

The new hardware showcases a 22” Touch Screen that displays real-time content that can be used to display custom messages, special promotions, or other paid ads. 

The digital sanitizer kiosk is outdoor rated and can be easily integrated onto any wall or be supported by a stand. With the addition of a stand, business owners will now have the flexibility to position the kiosk anywhere in their business or lobby area so that their customers can easily self-sanitize before entering or upon exit.


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