In our GMS client spotlight of the month, we’re featuring Valley Payroll Services! Valley Payroll Services is owned by Angela Asher and their business is located in Modesto, California. They have been in business for over 21 years and currently offer payroll processing services for their clients.

  1. Name of Business: Valley Payroll Services
  2. Where is your business located? Modesto CA
  3. How long have you been in business? 21 Years
  4. What types of products or services do your currently offer at your business? Full-service payroll processing. Timecards to taxes.
  5. How long have you used our payment services? 10+ years
  6. How has GMS helped to support and grow your business? By providing ease of operation, excellent customer support, our direct deposit process is seamless.
  7. How has Covid-19 changed your business? We have had to switch gears quickly to accommodate tax law changes, and in doing so found weaknesses in our processes. This forced us to make some subtle to drastic upgrades and changes. Also, it’s been our busiest year ever.
  8. Where can people go to purchase your products or services? or call us at (209) 551-5086


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